We have collated some really useful information to help you on your project journey. There’s lots of help and a few reminders of what you need to consider when contemplating either a relocation or a refurbishment. Please feel free to download them and have a read through. Any questions you may have can be answered by our dedicated project team.

Improving productivity in the workplace

A well thought out and designed work environment has long been linked with increased productivity in the work force. This whitepaper runs you through all of the factors that can help with: staff retention, healthier work environments, more productivity and increased profitability

Saving money and gaining space – a guide to enhancing your workplace

People and property are the two biggest overheads a business has, and this report aims to highlight where businesses can get the best return on both counts. Learn about: open plan vs cellular options, flexible working, reducing stress, furniture and storage, IT systems and staff retention.

A checklist for a successful office refurbishment

This whitepaper will provide a clear and simple checklist of what you need to cover to make sure your workplace refurbishment project is a success. This is a must read for anyone considering revamping their work environment.

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